Leophile EEL Review – Best Budget Wireless Neckband Headphones ?



In my last review of a Bluetooth speaker i said that wireless sound is becoming more popular and convenient, and if you’re not a speaker person, than you’re a headphone one, and this time, I‘m reviewing the Leophile EEL wireless neckband headphones that i think you will like for many reasons, so this is my review on the Leophile EEL headphones.

Leophile is a new company concentrating on delivering audio products, with a reasonable price, and i’mhaving the chance to try their new headphones, that cost just 49$ on Amazon, this device claims to deliver rich sound and unique features, but does it worth the fancy box! let’s see about that.

Unboxing and Design


The unboxing is good enough for the price you pay, you already feel that you’re having a premium headphone, and out of the box, you get the usual paperworks the USB charging cable, and simply theLeophile EEL headphones with their unique look, and some extra eartips, for me, the pre-installed size was good enough for my ears. So as you can see here, these are not designed like the usual and majority ofearbuds, but they look alot like the LG Tone Infinim with this neckband, which is by the way made of silicone, and that’s a good thing, because this part won’t be damaged by just tangling it like this and putting them in your pocket.​

On the left side, you get three control buttons, two for volumes and skipping your songs, and a multifunctional one in the middle for pairing, powering on and off, answering phone calls and also activating Siri or Google Now by double pressing it. Next to them, you get a small LED light that will indicate the device status, on the back side, there is a mini USB charging port, but more on charging and battery life later.

The Video Review is Below!

before this one, i was using another bluetooth earbud, which is the Mpow Magneto, because i was preferring just simple earbuds, but switching to this neckband form factor, made me realize how much comfortable this is, actually it is way more comfortable to use this design, simply because all the weight is concentrated in the neck part: the battery, the buttons, and everything else, while, your ears will feel much more free by carrying a very light weight, which makes these great for running ans sports, i have tried them, while jogging, jumping jacks, and they did not fell from my ears at all, and i did not felt any weight, but they actually fell when i did some crunches, but that was not a big deal, since you can also extra secure them with the provided clip.

The missing thing for Leophile EEL wireless neckband headphones is the lack of retractable cables, these cables are always out, which makes it annoying when you’re walking without putting them in your ears, and leaving them hanging on your chest, it would have been better to have the option of hiding them, like on the LG Tone, but there is an alternative for that, in fact you can either tie them up using the provided clip, or pass them through the neckband in order to make them shorter.

Leophile EEL Features

While this is good for running, you should also note that if you’re a surfing person, these should be also convenient thanks to their IP67 certification, so as usual, I have tested that, immersing these for a while inside a cup of water, did not hurt them, the headphones function fine.

And i think it is time to talk about the most important thing, which is sound, actually i was surprised with the sound quality i got, i can describe it with balanced and warm, the bass amount is right on target, no exaggeration, and no lack of it, you can clearly hear the mids and highs too, i listen to pop and electronic music, and i’m enjoying all of it.

  • Balanced Good Sound
  • Great Bass
  • Comfortable To Wear
  • Long Battery Life
  • Waterproof
  • Good Noise Cancelling
  • Lack of retractable cables
  • Sound Leak at high volume

If you want music at maximum level, you can actually get a clear sound without distortion, but, your surrounding will notice a sound leak at maximum volume, at least, that’s what I was told by my co-workers. At the same time, you a great noise cancelling, I use the train and subways every day, and this little thing can block all the noise around you, it is not an active noise cancelling, but the plastic eartips did the job.

So how long can these stand without recharging, according the company, they should last for 10 hours on a single charge, and according to my testing, i was able to get about 9 hours before hearing the battery low voice, and when recharging them, it took me 2 hours to get them fully recharged, so by comparison to other earbuds, this is a great battery life.

Bottom Line for the Leophile EEL

So who can get this, if you workout a lot, and need a comfortable headphones, the Leophile EEL neckband headphones are for you, specially with their water-proofness and silicone neckband. Sound quality is really good and balanced, with the right bass amount, and yes, a good battery life. If you have other things you want to know, feel free to ask me on the comment section below.



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