Leophile EEL Waterproof Wireless Headphones Are Perfect for Every Scenario     ByTrenton Paul

We live in a wireless world. Almost everything you can think of has a component to it that doesn’t need any kind of wired hookup to work. We have wireless charging for our smartphones, Bluetooth speakers that we can use to play music or listen to the tv, and now we have wireless headphones that are making their mark on the tech industry – and it doesn’t look like their going anywhere anytime soon.


Leophile understands this, and has set out to bring some of the best tech to consumers – with not just great sound, but improved productivity in mind as well. Leophile is “a company that devotes itself in designing the most ergonomically suitable Bluetooth headphones for the world,” according to their Facebook page. They’ve successfully made this a reality with their EEL wireless headphones.

Debunking EEL-550x550What’s “Wrong” With Wireless Headphones

In the past, especially when they first came on the scene, wireless or Bluetooth headphones were thought to have poorer sound quality due to the lack of wires for the sound to travel. While there is the possibility of sound dropping in and out (I mean, it is a wireless connection and dependent on a Bluetooth signal), the assumption that they are worse than connected headphones is simply false.

Many also thought the wireless “fad” wouldn’t take off like it has. Consumers and critics felt that wired sound was here to stay, but companies and manufacturers stepped in to prove otherwise. With the elimination of the headphone jack on the latest Apple iPhone, the message was loud and clear. If the biggest smart device manufacturer is ready to cut the wires, then so is the rest of the world.

EEL Headphones Have Much More to Offer

The EEL wireless headphones are more than just your average tech accessory. They offer comfort, style, and you can use them in virtually any situation – from going for a run to swimming a few laps.

The Waterproof RatEEL2-550x550ing

EEL headphones have an IP67 water and dust-proof rating. This means that they are protected from harmful dust particles and immersion in water with a depth of 1 meter for up to 30 minutes. This allows you to take them anywhere and use them in any kind of weather condition.

A Secure Sporty Fit

For headphones that can be used anytime and anywhere, it only makes sense that they are as comfortable as possible. The neckband of the headphones helps secure them and conform them to your body, making them ideal for any and every consumer. Forget trying to fit them in your pocket when you’re not using them; they also bend around your wrist for when your activities become a little too physical.

With the 10-hour continuous play ability, you can wear your EEL wireless headphones while biking on a trail, catching some waves on a surfboard, or just walking around town without worrying about them dying on you.

How to Get Your Hands on a Pair

6sWhat are you waiting for? Purchase your very own pair of EEL waterproof wireless headphones from Amazon. There is finally an affordable way to enjoy music while doing virtually any activity known to man, and that way goes by the name of EEL.

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